Who we are

Common Wealth stretches far and wide – when we make a play usually lots of people become part of Common Wealth. Here are the people we regularly collaborate with:

Aisha Zia


Aisha is a London based writer. Her work comes from a very real place, engages communities and people, and seeks to challenge assumptions made about the world we live in.

She worked with Evie on her first full-length play An Indecent Incident adapted from Dostoyevsky’s A Nasty Story and produced in an old zip factory in London. She went on to complete her second full-length play, The Fox and the Libertine, gaining a distinction on her MA in Creative Writing at City University. Her first short film documentary Ridley Road was part of the East End Film Festival in 2011.


Evie Manning

Artistic Director

Evie co-founded Common Wealth with Rhiannon and has conceived, directed and produced all Common Wealth shows to date. Evie was brought up in Bradford and lives in Bradford today.

As a freelance director, credits include: Taxi Tales by Ishy Din (Tamasha), At Night  by Louise Wallwein (Royal Exchange), Worlds Apart by Aisha Zia (Chol), Everyday Heroes (Chol/Royal Exchange), Slipping Through the Net  by Chris O’Connor, (Freedom Studios), Magna Carta on Trial (Freedom Studios/Mind the Gap), Photography Party (Royal Exchange). Evie received a BBC Performing Arts Fellowship in 2015.

Rhiannon White

Artistic Director

Rhiannon is a co-founder of Common Wealth. Born and bred in Cardiff.  Her passion is people, politics and art. She has made all Common Wealth shows to date, creating, devising and directing.

Her work has taken her to many places around the world from the Gaza Strip, South Wales Valleys, the jungle in Calais and the circus in Cairo. Past projects has seen her work with survivors of domestic abuse, refugee and asylum seekers, female boxers, political prisoners in Palestine and unemployed young people from the Valleys.

She has worked extensively over the past five years for National Theatre Wales in community engagement and more recently as assistant director on ‘Mother Courage’ alongside John Mcgrath.Her previous directing credits include ‘Everything Must Go’ Patrick Jones,  ‘Take the Good, Leave the Bad’ National Theatre Wales, ‘I belong there’ Waleslab project, ‘The People’s Platform’ National Theatre Wales, Cardiff University and POSSIB.

As a freelance theatre director/workshop facilitator she has worked for Sherman Cymru, BAWSO, Imayla, Mess up the Mess, Theatr Iolo and Bristol Refugee Hospitality Network. Rhiannon is a 2015/16 Clore Fellow.

Wojtek Rusin

Composer / Sound Designer

Wojtek composes music for theatre and film. Originally from Poland, now lives in Bristol.Wojtek has worked on all Common Wealth shows composing music, performing live and inventing musical instruments that become part of the performance.

He also works as solo artist Katapulto, and has released an LP ‘Powerflex’ on the New York based Olde English Spelling Bee label. You can find more of his music here: www.katapulto.com

Other Composer / Sound Design credits include: ‘Home Sweet Home” (Freedom Studios), “At Night” (Royal Exchange), “At Tethers End” (Wonder Club) “Blind Carbon Copy” (FLAMIN London), You and Your Work 5 (a collaboration with Mark Greenwood)

Chris Nunn


Chris is a British independent photographer working on personal projects and commissions throughout the UK and Europe. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in numerous art and photography publications.

Michelle Wren

Set Designer

Michelle Wren is amongst many other things an artist, activist and set builder. Her work is humorous because art and humour are powerful weapons. She work in many mediums from large installations made from images, objects, cardboard and anything else she can lay her hands on to reclaiming small objects to make peep shows. As well as working alone Michelle collaborates with other artists and organisations to design and build sets, video map her art and make films.

Coco Banks

Set Designer

Coco designs and performs with Common Wealth and stays up all night building sets. Coco facilitates community art workshops throughout wider London producing massive sculptures out of recycled and reclaimed materials and works in collaboration with other artists on refugee youth arts and theatre projects. Coco also builds sets and makes costume for House of Doll and The Invisible Circus.