Who we are

Alexander Eley


Alexander Eley is a British Army Veteran serving 10 years in Uniform, enlisting in 2007.

Working as part of the Royal Signals specialising in communications and bomb disposal, serving 2 tours of Afghanistan, 2010 and 2013 and has worked specialist counter terrorism duties.

Upon discharge from the military 2017, he worked within the steel industry for a year until he found his way into the arms of Commonwealth Theatre, which is a story in itself!
With no previous acting experience, selected to co-star in I Have Met the Enemy (and the enemy is us) was a massive achievement to date, having worked within the music industry for 4 years previously as a Techno DJ, He has experience with audiences and creative development.
Alex relishes the opportunity to continue his work in drama and arts and believes he has really found his purpose.
A selfie of the Speakers Corner girls at the southbank centre underground skatepark, in front of some graffiti.