Who we are

Jamie Grier

Multimedia Engineer

Jamie Grier is a freelance multimedia engineer/maker and musician based in Glasgow.

A founding member of the Green Door recording studio and The Glue Factory – not for profit community interest companies providing affordable recording and exhibition space.

Jamie has worked closely with artists, film makers and art/theater organizations including 85A, MHz, Robbie Thomson, Saffy Setohy, Jompet Kuswidananto, Sonica/Cryptic, Common Wealth Theatre, The Old Hairdressers, Mark Zygadlo, Fusion Festival, Glasgow Sculpture Studios & Glasgow School of Art. Assisting in the development of public works & performances, specializing in sound recording/editing & physical computing, using pure data, c++ and arduino to create embedded systems, combining audio visuals with motion and sensory information.

He has recorded location sound, performed music & created sound design for films by Anne Marie Copestake, Ariki Porteous, Katy Dove, Charlotte Prodger, Conal McStravick & Judd Brucke.

A selfie of the Speakers Corner girls at the southbank centre underground skatepark, in front of some graffiti.