Radical Acts

“Encourages individuals to consider their own worth and power to create change, both within themselves and on a community or global scale”
Susan Darlington, Morning Star, Sept 2018

“A work that defies genre… Radical Acts is not the kind of event where a viewer can sit quietly at the back. It’s an action, not a performance.
Culture Vulture, Sept 2018

“Common Wealth know how to make communities … there’s a certain openness, a certain generosity, that reaches outward to the audience.” 
Catherine Love, Exeunt, Sept 2018


We're Still Here

“Powerful protest and heartfelt theatre-making”
Dylan Moore, The Arts Desk Sept 2017

“A powerful production about the Tata steel plant crisis resonates with the strength of real people’s lives”
Jude Rogers, The Observer Sept 2017

“this vivid portrait of the imperilled steel industry is mournful and defiant”
 Dominic Maxwell, The Times Sept 2017

“a kaleidoscopic promenade-style production that is laced with earthy humour”
 Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, Sept 2017

“Play captures drama of Port Talbot steelworks battle”
Andy Davies, Channel 4

“Great camaraderie among threatened Port Talbot Steel Workers” Michael Kelligan, Theatre in Wales, Sept 2017


The Deal Versus the People

“Full of energy and passion. Seriously compelling. Using Bradfordians rather than polished actors, lends the piece a brilliant authenticity and gives a voice to those who are so often voiceless. Sometimes theatre needs to be as dangerous as this is.”

Yorkshire Post



Full of sweaty, sweary joy at the sheer possibilities of life

  The Guardian


Powerful and triumphant … a celebration of the human will that transcends religion and gender

The Independent


A theatrical experience to remember; raw, heartfelt, blazing with energy and sometimes absolutely beautiful

The Scotsman


An irresistible thing about muscle, guts and the determination to stand up for who you are in an increasingly mad world.





The Guardian


Visceral stuff… truly opens a door into another world.

The Independent


Essential stuff, which highlights still hidden crimes in one of the most theatrically powerful ways imaginable.



Acted with believable intensity by an excellent cast.

The Times


Striking…the artistry with which it combines the text with a series of haunting installations, some high powered acting and a magnificent soundscape.

The Scotsman


The acting is excellent. The script is crystal-clear. Each room is a meticulously-imagined world… Remarkably intensity… Almost overwhelming.

FEST Magazine


Leaves the air ringing… A magnificent achievement and one that feels vitally important.

Exeunt Magazine


Our Glass House rewards bravery on the part of the audience.



The performances are so utterly believable, bold and without judgement.

Female Arts


Sure to stay with you for a very long time. It’s resonant, sensitive and yet incredibly bold, an experience rather than just a performance.

Public Reviews


Bound to receive tremendous acclaim. It’s simply wonderful.

The Stage


A courageous production… tackles a complex and challenging issue and takes this into the heart of a non-theatre community that has come to receive it with a sense of ownership.

Total Theatre


Effective and affecting, Our Glass House is a wonderfully inventive site-specific production from theatre collective Common Wealth like no other I have ever seen in Bristol. It is a superb use of space, part art installation, part performance, so prepare to get lost in thoughts and lost in this house and its secrets.

Bristol Culture Magazine


Astonishing and absorbing-actors were compelling throughout

Bristol Evening Post


Top Picks of Edinburgh Fringe 2014
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