(Flexible –  Could be 2 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours) 

For between 5-25 people 

Aimed at all ages

This workshop brings together groups of people and looks at the needs we have and the radical actions we can take to make change in our communities in creative ways. We have delivered this workshop at Battersea Arts Centre as part of Collectiva Youth Activism symposium with young people and youth workers and are working with Arcade in Scarborough to deliver a week long workshop with artists and activists from Scarborough to uncover what radical acts can take place there. The process was born out of our play Radical Acts which saw us creating The Wedding of the Year, a Peaceophobia car rally and an intervention on a train from Leeds to London about food poverty over the summer holidays. 


“Never done anything like this before … feel like if we can do this, we can do more things – anything!”

“Helped me feel valued and helped me feel powerful”.

“At the beginning it’s step by step, you have to concentrate, but when you put it together or when you know what you’re doing, you become so flexible, and it becomes joyful then.”