Do You See Me?


Do You See Me?

DO YOU SEE ME? by Lorraine Pryce, co-created with Ngombo Chansa.

This project began as a personal quest to celebrate Black and brown women and birthing people. There has been so much negativity surrounding our births and the impact that racial inequality is having on our parenting journeys. Black and brown women and birthing people are x4 and x3 more likely to die in the perinatal period. The statistics are important and there is still so much change that needs to happen to stop more of us becoming part of these statistics. But there is also celebration to be had. We are powerful, beautiful parents and our lives are worth celebration. From pregnancy, through birth to those precious first moments of a new human in the world and the continuation of life as we grow. There is so much for us to share and see in ourselves. There is an alternative for people to see us, not just the colour of our skin.

What if instead of meeting our births with fear, we instead embraced our power to birth? What if we shared the beauty of our birthing bodies? What if we embraced our experiences and shared the realities of our worlds? What if the world saw all of us, not just our skin? What would the narrative be?

Lorraine is a mother, photographer and a doula, passionate about people having positive and empowered experiences during their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys.

Ngombo Chansa is a mother, entrepreneur and budding podcast presenter who aspires to inspire others to connect to the magic of life that is all around us.