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It is really important for us to have contact with you — whoever you may be! If you’ve seen one of our shows and have feedback or want to get in touch about our current and future work, please get in touch:
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Tracy Basu, Company Manager 

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Saliha Rubani, Producer

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Camilla Brueton, Producer 

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Evie Manning, Co-Artistic Director

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Rhiannon White, Co-Artistic Director [email protected]

Chantal Williams, Community Producer [email protected]

Mariyah Kainat, Speakers Corner Events Assistant [email protected] 

Sajidah Shabir, Speakers Corner Events Assistant [email protected] 

Board of Directors

Gerri Moriarty


Jenny Hughes, Lisa Mallaghan, Aina Khan, Lisa Maguire, Fergus Evans, Rhiannon White, Evie Manning