A selfie of the Speakers Corner girls at the southbank centre underground skatepark, in front of some graffiti.


Common Wealth stretches far and wide – when we make work, lots of people become part of Common Wealth.

Core Team

Common Wealth’s core staff

Emma Ratyal-Brooks Company Manager (Bradford)

Evie Manning Co-Artistic Director

Rhiannon White Co-Artistic Director

Mariyah Kayat Speakers Corner Producer

Chantal Williams Community Producer

Saoirse Teale Community Producer

Camilla Brueton Producer

A young man at a protest wearing a hat, holding a megaphone

Fahadi Associate Director

Speakers Corner

A political, creative collective of women and girls who create positive action in Bradford

Madeyah Khan Trustee & Speakers Corner Member

Mariyah Kayat Speakers Corner Producer

Noor Jahangir Speakers Corner Member

Iram Rehman Speakers Corner Member

Sajidah Shabir Speakers Corner Member

Scout Worsley Speakers Corner Member

Taiba Qayyum Speakers Corner Member

Haniyya Ejaz Speakers Corner Member

Mehmoona Pervaz Speakers Corner Member

Sounding Board

Helping to develop, shape and grow Common Wealth activity in Cardiff
Portrait photo of Nel

Nel Philip Sounding Board Member

A portrait photo of Isaac George

Isaac George Sounding Board Member

Portrait photo of Charlene Manley

Charlene Manley Sounding Board Member

A portrait photo of Callum Lloyd

Callum Lloyd Sounding Board Member

Portrait of Jude

Jude Thoburn-Price Sounding Board Member

A photo of David

David Melkevik Sounding Board Member

A portrait photo of Lisa

Lisa Bradford Sounding Board Member

A portrait photo of Steph.

Stephanie Rees Sounding Board Member


Brilliant collaborators we’ve worked with over the years
A blurred picture of a man wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt

Justin Teddy Cliffe Artist

A woman, wearing a light green shirt, leans against a tree.

Taylor Edmonds Poet, Writer and Creative Facilitator

A white man in a forest, dressed in black, leans backwards with his arms open. Crows fly upwards behind him.

Patrick Jones Poet and playwright

A woman in a black top rests her elbows on a table

Nia Morris Theatre Maker

A man stands in sunshine with mountains behind him

Jon Pountney Artist

Emerald Crankson Associate Artist

Haris Ahmed Trustee & Collaborator

Shazia Bibi Producer

Hassan Mahamdallie Playwright, Director and Writer

Jamie Grier Multimedia Engineer

Alexander Eley Actor

Rachel Trezise Writer

Freyaa Ali Actress

Aisha Zia Writer

Ambreen Razia Actress & Writer

Michelle Wren Set Designer

Board of Trustees

Sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise with the company
Photo of Lisa Mallaghan

Lisa Mallaghan Chair

Haris Ahmed Trustee & Collaborator

Photo of Lisa Maguire

Lisa Maguire Trustee

Madeyah Khan Trustee & Speakers Corner Member

A headshot of Jenny

Jenny Hughes Trustee