Who we are

Evie Manning

Co-Artistic Director

For Common Wealth, Evie has directed/co-directed Peaceophobia, I Have Met the Enemy, Radical Acts, We’re Still Here, The Deal Versus The People, How to be Better, All Out, No Guts, No Heart, No Glory and Our Glass House 

As a freelance director, credits include: Nicer than Orange Squash by Alice Nutter (Leeds Playhouse), From the Crowd (Manchester Histories) Ceremony (Manchester International Festival, Lead Artist Phil Collins), WANTED, (TRANSFORM festival, Leeds Playhouse), Taxi Tales by Ishy Din (Tamasha), At Night by Louise Wallwein (Royal Exchange), Worlds Apart by Aisha Zia (Chol), Everyday Heroes (Chol/Royal Exchange), Magna Carta on Trial (Freedom Studios/Mind the Gap), Photography Party (Royal Exchange).

Evie programmed WOW Bradford in 2016 with the Southbank Centre and is a founding member of Speakers Corner in Bradford. Evie was brought up in Bradford and lives in Bradford today.


A selfie of the Speakers Corner girls at the southbank centre underground skatepark, in front of some graffiti.