Who we are

A photo of a young woman wearing a cream baseball hat. She has long hair, and is wearing an orange jumper and pink jacket. She is smiling.

Poppy Horwood

Sounding Board Member

I love Hip Hop and Doughnuts.

Grew up in Swansea, taught myself to dance. Had to work an unhealthy amount to get to where I am. Young working class people should not have to work this hard to be heard and seen in the industry.

I am a co-director of East Cardiff School of Performance Art teaching Hip Hop Dance and Theatremaking. I am also a Dance Facilitator for MicroRainbow, an associate member of LoneWorlds and ⅓ of Same Hat Theatre.

I am so happy to be part of the Sounding Board and I can’t wait to support their work in the next year! Big thank you for having me.