Who we are

Mariyah Kayat

Speakers Corner Producer

Mariyah was born in Bradford and wants to make work that highlights the talent and beauty that there is in Bradford, and for people to see it how she does.


Mariyah started as a volunteer and helped co-run Speakers Corner since 2017. She has taken part in WOW Bradford and has co-run campaigns. Mariyah has been part of Common Wealth since 2019 as an apprentice.


Mariyah wants to see more young South Asians involved in the arts sector. She wants to see them sharing their stories and experiences that have shaped their work. Mariyah wants to see theatre being made that is different to the usual and traditional work. She wants to see stories that hold more truth and depth and allow people to see the beauty and talent there is in Bradford and their people. 


Mariyah has co-produced a photography project for Peaceophobia with Speakers Corner. The project showed young  women of Bradford in their hometown, celebrating who they are and where they come from. It allowed the young women to be who they are and not have to justify their choices.