Who we are

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Ali Dunican

Executive Director

Ali joins Common Wealth with a background in arts management following her role as Executive Director for Manchester based theatre company, Quarantine, and as General Manager for the Green Room (Manchester) and Walk the Plank (Manchester/Salford). Prior to that she worked in several admin roles including The Cooperative Bank on their major anti land mine campaign.  She also worked as a dresser on a range of musicals  including Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and Grease.

Her experience lies in producing theatre and other public encounters, and arts management including partnership development, organisational development, finance and income generation, HR, policy development and strategic planning and delivery.

She has a degree in Drama and a post-graduate qualification in Theatre in Prison and Probation, both from the University of Manchester.

Ali is interested in caring for people and processes, supporting agency in others and striving for equity and fairness, and believes in the transformational power of the arts.

Originally from South London, she lives in Manchester and loves walking her lively dog, musicals, crime fiction and good food with family and friends.