Who we are

Portrait of Jude

Jude Price

Sounding Board Member

Producer, Performer, Sound Engineer and Storyteller, combining spoken word woven into electronic landscapes and visual art as Cult of Doris

Encompassing the  Physics of Hope  from the  overflowing Pandoras Box of Life.

I’ve been involved with performance, visual art and sound all my life.

In days of old, I started my creative journey in junior school, creating and directing plays for the whole school on Friday afternoons, in between doing the teachers shopping, making the tea and ringing the bell. After all it was the 70’s and as a girl my future was mapped out in childrearing and marriage.

Throughout my life, I’ve been involved with theatre, TV and film, events, music, spoken word, community development, finance and project management, sound (live and produced), counselling and teaching

A selfie of the Speakers Corner girls at the southbank centre underground skatepark, in front of some graffiti.