In Cardiff, Common Wealth’s office is in Llanrumney Hall, an old pub which has been reclaimed and redeveloped as a much-needed resource in East Cardiff, an area with little community space. At this time (2022) Llanrumney is yet to have a youth club, a pub or high school. Llanrumney Hall is a multi-purpose building, a community trust – we share the building with a creche, a pupil referral unit, community gardens and a café.

East Cardiff is our home because it’s where we come from. We feel like we have an infinity with local residents and want to offer artistic opportunities to the community we know and care for. Our activity in East Cardiff is developed and supported by our local Sounding Board who meet with us regularly to plan and deliver activities for all ages. We are passionate about cultural democracy and know that people with lived experience know best what they might need. We also know that theatre, the arts and getting creative have many benefits which are transferrable – for us it’s about exchange, agency and making things happen.

Our shows can happen anywhere, in any building, with anybody and in any place. In Wales we have created work in Port Talbot with a group of steelworkers, in Merthyr with women over 40, in Blackwood with young people and in Cardiff at Oasis refugee centre.

Over the past three years we have been part of the Moving Roots Touring Network. This has brought critically-acclaimed artists to East Cardiff to create works inspired by our place, including Darren Pritchard, Kid Carpet and Duckie, who have come to co-create with us.