Cardiff is one of our homes. It’s the place where co-director Rhiannon is from, it’s where her mum and dad had their first council house on Ball Road, the same street as Llanrumney Hall Trust (where our office is now). As far as we know, we’re the first theatre company to be based and creating locally in the area – in an estate that was built in the 1940s! We are passionate about our place, and know the value of co-creation locally – it can inspire social change. It’s worth saying – although East Cardiff is our base we have and continue to collaborate across Wales. Our work has seen us in Port Talbot, Merthyr, Butetown, Pembrokeshire and Blackwood.

Common Wealth works from Llanrumney Hall, an old pub which has been reclaimed and redeveloped as a much needed resource in an area which has little community space. At this time (2020) it is yet to have a youth club, a pub or high school. Llanrumney Hall is a multi-purpose building, a community trust – we share the building with a creche, a college (curriculum designed by local residents) community gardens and a café.

Look out for the different things we do throughout the year and hopefully we’ll see you at a show, workshop or a house party soon.