I HAVE MET THE ENEMY (and the enemy is us) Casting Breakdown

I HAVE MET THE ENEMY (and the enemy is us) is a new play by Common Wealth that explores the arms trade and the UK’s complicity in conflict around the world. The production will feature evocative soundscapes and visual feats and will be staged site-specific. There will be one performer who has experience of living in a war zone as a citizen and one actor who has experience of serving as a soldier in a war zone. The play will also feature a community cast of 7 and will explore the connections that we all have to war, through family, community and society. The play is a co-production with Northern Stage and will tour to Newcastle and Bradford in 2019 and Edinburgh festival and Cardiff in 2020.

We are looking for a person with experience of serving as a soldier in a war zone to perform in this show. This person can be of any age, ethnicity and gender. We welcome applications from those with experience of acting and those without. The main thing is that you’re open to exploring your own personal experience and feelings towards war.

The performance will include audience close to the action, loud music and working at heights.

Overall dates are:

27th May – 31st May 2019 (R&D in Newcastle)
26th August – 28th September 2019 (Rehearsals and production in Bradford) 7th – 26th October 2019 (Production in Newcastle)

Fee will be in line with Equity rates at £483 a week.We are looking for an actor who has trained and served as a soldier for at least 2 years in any part of the world.

We will be holding casting workshops on Thursday 21st February in Cardiff and 28th February in Newcastle. If you can’t make the casting call and are interested then still get in touch we can arrange an alternative date to meet.  If successful in the first instance you would then be invited for a day long workshop sometime between the 11th – 14th March, to be confirmed – you would need to be available for one of those days.

If you’d like to be part of the casting please confirm by the following;

CARDIFF – 18th February

NEWCASTLE – 26th February

If you have the relevant skills and experience and are excited about this project, please send your CV, a recent photo and a little something about why you’d like to be involved in this project (no more than 100 words) to [email protected]

We are looking to confirm casting by the 31st March 2019