New Chapters

Some news from us, Company Manager Tracy Basu is leaving Common Wealth for pastures new to take up the role as Executive Director at Eden Arts in Cumbria. Common Wealth would like to thank and celebrate Tracy for all of her work with us and the journey we’ve been on together.

“When Tracy applied for the role of Company Manger in 2018, we just loved her application: it sang with personality, commitment and excitement for the potential of the company and the role. Looking back at my notes from the interview process, I asked myself this: “When you’ve got through sorting us out, what would the job look like for you?” And sort us out she did! When Tracy first joined us, we were a micro company with 2 part time Artistic Directors, and had just become a first time NPO with a brand new Board. Since then, Tracy has played a major role in our growth. Over just 4 years, Tracy has ensured we gained Charity status, taken on premises in Bradford and Cardiff, helped significantly grow and manage the staff team, and successfully increased our fundraising to match the ever increasing demand for our work, Tracy’s support to the company has been consistently exceptional, and her skills and kind and encouraging approach will be greatly missed. We wish Tracy every luck with her next chapter.”
Lisa Mallaghan, Chair of the Board of Trustees

“Tracy has been at the backbone of the company, supporting us with her incredible mind and spirit to grow as a company and as people. Tracy is a wonder; a strategy whizkid, an incredible writer and numbers person, a champion for people and social change and a deep, sensitive creative soul who makes all people she works with feel safe and supported. Tracy has done so much with us from marrying her self, raving at imaginary border crossings, managing budgets, painting and transforming Common Space and car parks and youth centres and all the spaces we’ve worked in, to teaching Speakers Corner collective how to swim in Croatia! We’ve had such an adventure together and everyone in the company will miss Tracy a lot. We’re excited for Tracy’s new adventures in the beautiful landscape of Cumbria and look forward to seeing and supporting the work she develops with Eden Arts. We are very privileged to have worked with Tracy and to have had her insight and support at a time of real growth and change for us.”
Evie Manning, Co-Artistic Director

“Working with Tracy has been such a privilege, she’s shared with us so much – her expertise, knowledge and friendship. Tracy has enabled Common Wealth to grow, with solid foundations, safely with care and lots of nurture. I’ll miss so much Tracy’s depth, love and wit, I wish her all the best for her new adventures and future work at Eden Arts.”
Rhiannon White, Co-Artistic Director

From everyone at Common Wealth – Good luck Tracy & lots of love <3