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EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST: Creating Your Stage!


EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST: Creating Your Stage!

Everyone is unique and has something different to offer, which means there is always a stage waiting for you to share your niche. It’s time to come together and starting building the foundations of the stage you want to create!

Utilising your specific skill set, come and explore with Azara and learn how to create your stage, like they have.
It’s going to be wild fun, think movement, writing, drag, laughter and tears… would you expect anything less?!

“Azara’s witty combination of spoken word and effortless groove takes the audience on a night out that leaves you longing to dance”
**** Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

WHO: Participants aged 16+

WHEN: Friday 23 June, 2023, 10.30am – 2.30pm

WHERE: St Mellons Hub, 30 Crickhowell Rd, St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 0EF

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ACCESS: The workshop will take place indoors at the Hub. To discuss any access requirements, please contact [email protected]

Azara is a multi-disciplinary artist that likes to share personal politics on sexuality, gender, racism, classism and homophobia through live art and film using poetry, breakdancing and theatre. They are also the host of one of the most well-known queer cabaret nights in London, Duckie and, The Posh Club, the rowdiest afternoon tea for over 60’s. Azara really enjoys creating work that unites a desire for introspection within the audience and themself, but through that a celebration of individuality should reign supreme.

Photo credit: Rosie Powell