The words "Take your Place" are written in pink over a photograph of a teenage boy lifting another boy into the air - he looks like he is flying

Take Your Place


Take Your Place

Take Your Place was an arts and activism project for young working-class people aged 14-18.

Take Your Place was for dreamers, builders, and thinkers who have something to say, who feel frustrated about the world, and who are ready to shape and build a new future. It was about challenging the current systems and imagining new ways of living. It was about shifting things – challenging what’s not fit for purpose and demanding better. It was about young people taking their place and making their mark.

Our sessions were led by Amira Hayat & Fahadi Muluku with visiting artists Ibby Abdi, Bianca Ali, Sundas Raza and others.

Take Your Place was funded by Cardiff Council in response to the report by the Cardiff Race Equality Task Force

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