Re-imagining Us Here Now: come, chill together and be part of the next artwork!

An image of a walkway with large photographs of people in the windows. The words "Reimiagining Us Here Now - Get involved" are superimposed in blue

This summer, Common Wealth are working with local people in East Cardiff and artist Helen Bur to bring a new artwork to St Mellons, next to the Tesco. Helen Bur is a British artist and painter who makes ambitious, beautiful wall-based paintings of people. She has created outdoor works world-wide – in Europe and the UK, as well as in America, Senegal and India.

Helen uses photographs of people to paint from. Common Wealth invites you to come to Tesco Fields this Sunday for some music, a picnic and a mass photo shoot, celebrating all that we love about St Mellons. Put on your most colourful clothes, bring a picnic, come to chill out together and be prepared to lie down on the grass, for a mass ariel photo shoot. Helen will use these images to create a new artwork for the wall, due to be installed at the end of the summer.

Mass ‘chill out’ photoshoot
Tesco Fields
30 July 2023
Picnic and photoshoot: 1pm – 3pm
(Litter pick: 12:30pm)

The photoshoot will be weather dependent, so please check Common Wealth’s social media in the morning. We cannot guarantee everyone who takes part will be included in the final artwork.