Who we are

Chantal Williams

Community Co-ordinator

Chantal started her journey working as a grassroots dance leader, giving young people from East Cardiff purpose through street-dancing in a dance group called ‘The Underdogs’. The project took off nationally and became the Wales Streetdance Association.

The association hosted events and attracted thousands of dancers who would come to lead workshops and partake in dance competitions.

Chantal has a passion for community, self-expression and the power of lived experience. Opportunity and being able to offer opportunity is at the heart of what she does – whether it’s supporting people to perform, think outside the box, travel or getting empowered. The importance of progression echoes through her work.

Chantal was president of the Welsh Sector of the International Dance Organisation from 2005 till 2014. Chantal is part of the cohort for Arts Council Wales Edinburgh Showcase, Seeding for the Future 2019.