Past Events

Speakers Corner has had a full, full programme of events, workshops and performances since we started in 2016, with everything from sessions exploring the Prevent agenda to meetings with politicians to drama workshops with theatre-makers from Chicago to festivals and glow in the dark parties.  Past events include:

Stress-free Saturdays a time for yoga, meditation and chilling out to escape the stresses of exams and ordinary life

What they don’t teach you at school sometimes a book club exploring racism, sometimes a session on Prevent and how it encroaches on school life, sometimes a look at the practical side of money and how to apply for jobs, it’s whatever the collective want to programme that we don’t feel we’re learning at school.

International Activism a series of nights where we invite activists who work on campaigns around the world to talk about their experiences, so far we’ve heard from Kongossi Mussanzi from the Bradford Congo Campaign, Samayya Afzal on Palestine, Michelle Wren on border control across Europe, Maya Evans from Good News from Afghanistan. We’re always looking to connect up with activists so please get in touch if you’d like to speak about a campaign you’re working on.

And many, many more!!