Bradford is one of our homes. Co-director Evie grew up in Bradford and has been making theatre here since she was 7, first on her mum’s street and then returning in 2011 to make theatre in houses, boxing gyms, Bradford City Hall and loads of places in between. So many ideas for the plays have come from chatting to people from Bradford and we know it is a city full of experiences and stories. Bradford is also the youngest city in the UK with 45% of the population under 19 and is why our Youth Theatre Lab and Speakers Corner is such an important part of our work – collectives ran by young people taking action on things most important to them.

In Bradford there are also so many incredible organisations working with people and we are proud to call lots of them our friends and are always open to new ways of working with people in our city. Look out for different things we do throughout the year and hopefully we’ll see you at a show, workshop or with Speakers Corner soon.

We’re based at Common Space on the corner of Oastler Market. If you’d like to get involved in anything we’re doing, would like us to deliver a workshop with your group, volunteer with us or do some work experience or anything else, then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with info@commonwealththeatre.co.uk for more