Moving Roots Touring Network


Common Wealth is part of the MOVING ROOTS TOURING NETWORK.

So What does it mean?

It means we are looking for incredible artists doing extraordinary co-creation – who we can introduce to our community in East Cardiff. We will host these artists, supporting them and the local community to work collaboratively on a production to happen here – which could take place in our empty buildings, our houses or even on our streets.

The Moving Roots network will support work that is intrinsically connected, and vital to, the place in which it is made, thanks to the practice of co-creation. It aims to prompt a shift in the fundamental nature of national touring – away from a model of patrician culture in which touring work is ‘served-up’, to one where the work itself is co-created in partnership with communities- it feels exciting, it feels about time.

You can find out more here

If you would like to get involved or would like us to see your work please email [email protected]