All the Things You Ever Wanted to Say


All the Things You Ever Wanted to Say

(3 day workshop, could be 1 day) 

For between 5-15 people 

Aimed at survivors of domestic abuse 

A three day workshop for survivors of domestic abuse working through 3 questions, all the things you’ve ever wanted to to say to yourself, to your partner/ex-partner and to your future. We first delivered All The Things You Ever Wanted to Say as a residential to Devon with charity Imalya where 12 mums and their children stayed for 3 days. In the days we would host theatre workshops whilst the children were looked after and in the evenings we would cook, make fires, sing and burn things together. We then worked with Bradford based charity Staying Put to host a two day residential at The Women’s holiday Centre in Yorkshire. 


The residential went down extremely well. The clients commented on how they were on such a high over the weekend that they did not want it to end. They valued their new friendships and felt safe to share their experiences in the group. They commented on how Evie showed empathy and understanding towards their backgrounds, they were really impressed with Evie’s sessions and commented on how they did not feel pressured into anything. We are really grateful for the time and hard work that Evie has put in with this recovery residential and could not thank her enough

Project Manager, Staying Put