(Flexible – 3 day workshop, could be 1 day) 

For between 5-15 people 

Aimed at working class women 

A self development workshop for working class women which explores who we are, where we’re from and what we’d like for our futures. Working as a group we will discover ways of talking about the things that matter to our communities, to us and how we can reimagine the futures that we want. We work with theatre exercises that unlock our voices, bodies and confidence. The course has a strong focus on self and explores the importance of owning who we are and what we’ve got to say about the world and the importance of taking care of ourselves. We’ve delivered this workshop in Cardiff and Byker, Newcastle. 

“I came away from your/our workshop remembering the importance of having two feet on the floor. As simple as that.”

“We are not islands. All of us are connected. We are never alone. We have not to be afraid to do new things because we’re always going to meet somebody who helps us.”

“Common Wealth are a no judgement company. There was no stigma attached to my background or my accent as we were invited to speak about where we came from and how that has made us the person we are today. This was refreshing as in the past I have been encouraged to disassociate my career in the arts with my Hartlepudlian accent. In the first session, I was listened to intently as I spoke about my hometown and my Mother, at which point I cried realising I hadn’t much spoke about my background to many people re-iterating how much it matters to me and showing me how easy it was to tap into those deep emotions. They created a safe space where I was able to speak about my views which I would have never previously voiced.”