PRACTICE is a time and space to come together to experiment with theatre exercises and approaches, it’ll be a time for play and just to practice your practice! You might be a theatre-maker, student, a youth or community worker or just interested in building skills. The sessions will be completely practical and explorative, and responsive to the group, some weeks we’ll try exercises from books, other weeks exercises that we’ve loved from years ago and want to revive or new things we’ve just made up.

PRACTICE starts from Wednesday 7th October from 11am-12pm and then on the first Wednesday of every month and then:

Wednesday 4th Nov, 11am-12pm

Wednesday 2nd Dec, 11am-12pm

Wednesday 6th Jan, 11am-12pm

Wednesday 3rd Feb, 11am-12pm

Wednesday 3rd March, 11am-12pm

Wednesday 14th April, 11am-12pm

Wednesday 5th May, 11am-12pm

We will follow social distancing guidelines and as a result ¬†places are limited so please let us know if you are interested by emailing [email protected]¬†