Reflections on Seeding the Future – My first time in Edinburgh

Although when there I was marginally stressed and most definitely high on the exhausted level, I came back with a sense of calm I had not felt in over 5 years!

I was not quite knowing why I felt so calm and regenerated but appreciated its presence and revelled in the nostalgia of times gone that came with it, until my regular life over lapped and the need to question the feeling arose.

And it was wholeheartedly down to the overall sense of possibility, the huge manic festival sparked with possibility, hopeful energy charged the air with a heart that sang to me!

I have been raised to chant for the Underdog, do all I can to be an asset to my community and genuinely I haven’t always known why! My mum just raised me this way to seek action and promote change and fight true for those who don’t even realise they need help then walk side by side in the journey with those same people as a peer …. and this is all fired up in me watching Frankenstein how to make a monster!

5 clever, bright, talented young people using a stereotyped medium to form a show that was not only taken seriously but was artistically beautiful and I could easily have been sat watching the underdogs 20 years prior!! And I was proud truly of my mum and her forward thinking, her inclusion and her affording me the opportunity to meet an amazing array of people who shaped my view on all that is human!

And this is where this calm is emitting from! From knowing! Who I am and possibility to seek it once again, like all the patches of my life had been sewn together and it makes sense. A maturity in my life like the sub stories finally became one tapestry and doors began to open for me.

The last 5 years have knocked me so hard from who I am that I needed this mad manic, arts on steroids experience to remind me of all that I am underneath and all this beautiful world has to offer!

So thank you Common Wealth, Arts Council Wales and in particular Rhi for the experience to share the joy of the arts with the fantastic people and glorious backdrop that is Edinburgh and also to find a lost narrative of me!

I cannot deny a new found passion for storytelling, a medium that brings collectiveness and more importantly hope!