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Monday ! Brunch!

The This is Wales mixer was held at a lovely vegan cafe outside of the centre, a great opportunity to meet the artists and facilitators for the Welsh showcase this year. The mixer is busy and in between the connections made an inspiring speech by the director whose voice is loud and authoritative and yet soft and compassionate. He describes in his beautiful Welsh tones the mission on the Welsh Arts Council and his talk of inclusion is inspiring and thought provoking! It is incredible to hear the level of respect from its peers that common wealth has! I am filled with respect for Rhi a fellow St.Mellonite along with Evie that they have created something that is well talked of in the circle of people present in the way it is! Also that the fire and appetite for arts that St.Mellon holds is clearly prevalent in Rhi and the work she does! 

Please note there were also some people who just went for scones! I have no problem with this good scone you ladies! 

Off to Summer hall, laterssss


I set off for my first show How to be brave from the dirty protest theatre company, written by the lush Ceri Owen from the port performed by Laura Dalgleish … 

I’m all excited and prepared phaha! I’ve my route all set on my GPS! I set off … Walk about 2 miles and suddenly that condescending voice from Google maps says rerouting! What mate? … 

And then from a 7 minute journey I’m 25 minutes from the venue?? What??! … I’m clearly super lost, late and semi emotional and end up having to get an uber. Stephanie the Prius driving Uber lady laughs “You’ve been walking the wrong way” not wrong Stephanie not wrong! Smile and wave – 5 star rider!!!  

But I get there with 5 mins to spare. The show I can only describe as a front row seat to a woman’s breakthrough, set in Newport, with the guest mention of a pigeon in a bag! Laura’s dance to I got the power is a fudging delight and transforms me back to disco dance days of the past! 

The journey How to be Brave takes you on is powerful! Celebrating human traits, fear and unravelling and packaging it as a journey to discover inner bravery all wrapped up in references of Newport and nostalgia! I start the show laughing and end up with a tear as relationships, challenges and personal growth are explored by Laura who transports you seamlessly to echoes of her characters past and the characters who surround her. 

After a beer at Summerhall we walk to the museum for the British Council showcase networking event. The venue is stunning! Filled with artifacts and arty facts from the wonderful gold mine of knowledge that is Phil George!

It’s been a grand day! Some cheeky facts to leave on – Edinburgh weather is mental, Walking is essential and you cannot get beers in co op after 10!  


I started the day the same way I am ending it, cwtched up all warm, feeling slightly dreamy, and a little cloudy headed with messy hair.This morning was due to just waking this evening …. WHISKEY! 

It’s an old mans tipple I hear you say, I argue it’s a warm and fuzzy unicorn drink that makes you feel as happy as a fluffy bear in a onsie tucked in by mumma bear!

My day has been a rollercoaster, with ups and downs and a shed load of queuing/waiting …. Largely for some shows to just end – please god end! HA! No actually Johnny Donoghues passionate and intimate tale of the birth of his daughter was heartwarming. On the other hand Rob you free fringe comedy man! You are not funny – making fun of thirty somethings for owning jet washers and using up far too much water on my patio has left me feeling well …. Aware! How Rude!

On a serious note the Fringe can be exhausting! You feel like everyone is constantly interviewing you for a job you didn’t apply

for to the point where the urge to scream no comment till I get proper representation and I want my phone call (which I always thought I’d utilise to order Chinese if ever in that situ) is real!

A break in this madness was Frankenstein How to make a monster! Which quite frankly repaired my soul! A million percent my remit, young people using hip hop mediums to tell a story which is so relevant with crazy talent was refreshing and regenerating!

I then missed I Am A Phoenix Bitch! the first show I booked that I was so excited to see, had a mini meltdown like someone

ate my last Rolo without me offering! I was that pissed that I saw Richard Blackwood and I didn’t even shout 1,2,3,4 Get

with the wicked. I just genuinely stormed off and updated my Facebook status as you do!!

I got to meet a fellow Common Wealther Ali, who recommended I see Frisky and Mannish who were a ball of fun!

and begat my unwinding from the disappointment of not getting with the wicked!

I’m now in my room, with a cheeky Chinese en route and a Netflix series awaiting and not a care in the world! 

Tomorrow I plan to wear glasses and pretend I’m famous so my next “interview” I will say email my PR and sashay away!!