Chantal’s in Edinburgh – Planting Seeds – Follow her blog here! Day one!

Days before I leave

Leading up to the dates, I’m all things of nerves and excitement – I will surely leave something behind.

My flight is booked for Sunday eve! I’ve not flown for over 5 years but sure I remember the little here, here and here dance, my only worry there is that the shed load of stones post baby weight is not really complimentary to putting my head between my knees. Be fair if we were to fall at stupid miles per hour at the sea this is the only thing that’s going to save me, (I put the doughnut down) “you will kill me you stupidly scrummy jam filled assassin”.

There are some interesting people I met at the introductions day at chapter attending. A mix of producers and artists, each with an individual goal for their travel, I’m sure to learn a lot about the work currently being produced in Wales and the UK and intended work from the emerging producers and artists. Most importantly what it means to a part of the Welsh showcase attending the Fringe and the variables to qualify as an international showcase and the support that brings. Bring on Flybe baby!

Sunday it’s almost time to fly!

I can’t lie, I am right now wishing I had gone by train. So far in the journey of flight – I have been hijacked in the aisle sponsored by airports in asda, where the tiny items cost 3 times more than the normal full size more than one wash equivalent. Had to responsibly pack my bag with actual thought as it’s being weighed and is still 1kg over and cannot take my just in case outfit! I may just have to pull a joey and wear all my clothes! And lastly had enough heart palpitations to power the damn plane that’s causing my anxiety. Who’d have thought an hour of my life would cause this much stress! (This statement of surprise is futile after the hour it took to deliver my child)

I am meeting 2 of the guys at the airport from the cohort, both have previously worked with common wealth which is great!

See you on the other side.

I did it! no bracing required! hoorah I’m in the burgh! 

Edinburgh is beautiful, the energy in the air is contagious and the streets are alive even in this late hour, some major outfits on display and broad smiles! Were on a shuttle bus so will food and bed ready for the busy week to begin!

It’s so late when we arrive at the accommodation booked and provided by the arts council wales, it’s student accommodation and immediately has me nostalgic, sambuca soaked uni days with late mornings and long dissertations.