Epic Fail


Epic Fail

What if failure was a virtue, to be cherished like success is? If it was, would we all feel better?

Kid Carpet, Common Wealth and the school children of Llanrumney have been talking, creating, playing and getting things wrong. They have created rubbish robots, sung songs, worn fake moustaches and (unfortunately) invented fizzy milk.

Through two residencies at Glan Yr Afon Primary School Llanrumney, Kid Carpet, Common Wealth and the Year 5 pupils will co-create a performance made with and for young people and their families. EPIC FAIL – It doesn’t have the answers but it does have the best songs, nonsense telly adverts and umbrellas for your shoes.


Creative Team

Lead Artist – Ed Patrick (Kid Carpet)
Dramaturg – Vic Llewellyn
Local Facilitator – Justin Cliffe
Co-creators – Common Wealth and Year 5 Students of Glan Yr Afon Primary School Cardiff
Community Producer  – Chantal Williams
Engineering Partner – Deborah Syrop Cardiff School of Engineering
Production Manager – Nia Morris
Producer Support – Katie Cooper and Graham Johnson


Supported by the Moving Roots Touring Network – Battersea Arts Centre, through Garfield Weston and Esmee Fairbaine and Arts Council Wales.

Working with Glan Yr Afon Primary School, Llanrumney & Cardiff School of Engineering


15 & 16 June 2022
1.30pm each day (approx 60 minutes)

Tickets: £3.50
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Glan-Yr-Afon Primary School
3 Browning Close

As part of the Moving Roots Touring Network, Epic Fail will also be showing in new incarnations co-created in Peterborough, Stoke and Wigan throughout Summer 2022.


“The Epic Fail project has been thoroughly engaging, motivating and inspiring for our learners at Glan Yr Afon Primary. The interactive and stimulating workshop sessions have sparked a curiosity and ambition in our children to be capable learners who are able to approach challenges in a positive and courageous manner.
The children have been constructively challenged to accept failure as a tool for personal growth and development, and to develop a mindset to approach failure with a positive outlook, as creative thinkers and problem solvers; skills pertinent to 21st century living and learning. The imaginative structure of the project encouraged our less confident learners to express and explore their feelings and ideas in a creatively safe and comfortable environment. ALL learners are enthusiastically waiting for Kid Carpet and his team to return to school to collaboratively create a show to share their golden nuggets of wisdom and creativity from their first residency!” Graham Matthews, Headteacher, Glan Yr Afon Primary School

“When it comes to embracing failure, I thought I’d be going in with all the answers teaching the kids how to feel less stress and pressure, but it turns out there is a lot for me to learn about embracing failure as well! Working with the kids has been awesome, as each time they enter the room they bring a fresh batch of energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Which I think is something we could all use a bit of right now.”
Justin Teddy Cliffe- Local Facilitator

“Engineering is all about doing things that have never been done before; imagining the yet to be imagined; creating the new in order to solve problems and help people. We learn through failure – often it can be how we discover the most creative solutions. If we are to encourage a greater diversity of thinkers to become engineers, we need all young people to view failure as an integral part of the innovation journey.”
Deborah Syrop – Cardiff School of Engineering