A composite image of a black man in q blue fleece laughs. A white teenager drinks from a bottle of lemonade. The words "Us Here Now" are in yellow in the bottom left corner

Us Here Now


Us Here Now

13 JULY – 24 SEPTEMBER 2022

Us Here Now is a celebration of people in East Cardiff; their stories and their power. It’s a journey into what it means to be seen and heard; it’s a challenge to the negative narratives that often surround us.

At the end of Summer 2020 after the first lockdown, artist Jon Pountney and Common Wealth worked with people who live, work or are from St Mellons, Llanrumney and Trowbridge to capture a snapshot of life in the sunshine; us, here, now.

For 6 months, 12 larger than life sized photographs were exhibited in the civic space by Tesco St Mellons. The exhibition brought a smile to many people’s faces, brightening their days, at a time when people were not allowed to gather due to lockdown restrictions. It reminded us that we are not alone.

From Roddy Moreno of the anti-fascist punk band The Oppressed to Nicola who boxes and has ambitions of writing childrens’ books, to Selvin, who works at Tesco, to Jude a member of the St.Mellons gardening club and many more inspiring individuals.

We’ve learnt about how perceptions of the area were influenced by journalists in the 1970s who paid kids to vandalise a block of flats for a photoshoot and how the former Welsh Secretary of State demonised a generation by slating single mums and the future of their children. We have learnt that our community is beyond rich, every person we have met has challenged the stories told by journalists and politicians.

In July – September 2022 Us Here Now comes to the Futures Gallery at the Pierhead, bringing East Cardiff to the centre of the city and to the heart of power in Wales. You can find out more about the many people who took part in a short documentary film and in the project zine.

an installation of larger than life photographic portraits outdoors, on a grey wall.



“Optimistic portrayals of life”

The Stage


Us Here Now at the Futures Gallery,
Pierhead Building,
Cardiff Bay,
CF10 4PZ

Exhibition runs: July 13 – Sept 25 2022

Opening times
Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Sat & Sun: 10:30am – 4.30pm

Show launch:
Wednesday 13 July, 12pm – 1pm

Us Here Now was originally shown as an outdoor exhibition in the civic space near Tesco St Mellon’s, East Cardiff November 2020 -April 2021.

Download the fanzine

The front cover of the fanzine showing a man laughing and a female teenager drinking from a lemonade bottle

Capturing all the people who took part in Us Here Now, click on the image above to download the fanzine (pdf file, 6MB)


Photography by Jon Pountney. Installed by Russ Henry, Hotsoup House.

Us Here Now at the Futures Gallery has been sponsored by Vaughan Gething MS.

The project has been funded by the #DeptofDreams, Arts Council Wales and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and supported by Tesco St Mellons.

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Thank you!

Common Wealth would like to thank everyone who has been part of Us Here Now including:

Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club, Llanrumney Hall Community Trust, St Mellon’s Community Garden, Llanrumney Hall Gardening Club, St.Mellon’s Youth Centre, Tesco St Mellons, Hot Soup House and Redbrck.

and all these amazing people- you know who you are!

Beverly, Gemma, Claire, Herman, Alison, Abbie, Lauren, Olivia, Tadiwarashe, Taymah, A Lewis, Sinead, Sophie, Harrison, Carly, Lee- Jay, Helen, Carl, Sian, Reg, Evelyn, Glenys, Hannah, Ava, Grace, Becky, Chloe, Rebecca, Andrew, Sarah, Selvin, Catherine, Serena, Joely, Wayne, Leigh, Stephen, Jake, Jakie, Ryan, Andrea, Fariah, Leia, Chris, Tonisha, Lucien, Luca, Gareth, Sienna, Jude, Jean, Sue, June, Diane, Sana, Edward, Nicola, Shirley, Dan, Roddy, Ocean, Becky, Alisha, Dan S, Dan C, Harry, Lloyd, Mike and Luke.