Past Events

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November 2018

WOW Women Of The World Festival Bradford, Kala Sangam WOW Bradford is a weekend festival with a line up of over 45 talks, performances, debates […]

We celebrated 2 years of Speakers Corner with spoken word, music, dance and food! Everyone was welcome as we reflected on the amazing things we […]

Solidarity with Kunan Poshpora, Kashmir. February marks the 27th anniversary of the mass rape in Kashmir by Indian armed forces. We will never forget and […]

Ever wondered how to speak to a friend with depression or a family member with schizophrenia? This informal workshop discussed the tools we need to […]

A conference with young people from across the UK. Fly Kites Not Drones is a creative non-violence project for young people to learn about human […]

A workshop & panel discussion where we discussed major issues that affect teenagers and their parents, such as mental health, relationships and life decisions. There […]

Come down and learn about all things socialism, and the anti-racism and anti-capitalism movements. If you want to take down the system you have to […]

It’s exam season, you might be putting yourself under pressure or just generally feeling the pressures of school and family! Come and learn some de-stress […]

Come join us for a day and evening of weddings, get married, choose your own vows, choose a dress provided by us or bring your […]

Saturday 31st August

Time to celebrate the end of exams and find out what’s next in store for us! Spend the entire day or just an hour and […]

Speakers Corner has had a full, full programme of stuff since we started in 2017, with everything from sessions exploring the Prevent agenda to meetings with politicians to drama workshops with theatre-makers from Chicago to festivals and glow in the dark parties. This is just a selection of our past events, hope to see you at a future one!

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Stress-free Saturdays are a time for yoga, meditation and chilling out to escape the stresses of exams and ordinary life, watch out for more coming up.

What they don’t teach you at school is sometimes a book club exploring racism, sometimes a session on Prevent and how it encroaches on school life, sometimes a look at the practical side of money and how to apply for jobs, it’s whatever the collective want to programme that we don’t feel we’re learning at school.

International Activism is a series of nights where we invite activists who work on campaigns around the world to talk about their experiences, so far we’ve heard from Kongossi Mussanzi from the Bradford Congo Campaign, Sasha Bhat on Kashmir, Samayya Afzal on Palestine, MIchelle Wren on border control across Europe, Maya Evans from Good News from Afghanistan. We’re always looking to connect up with activists so please get in touch if you’d like to speak about a campaign you’re working on.