structuresthatholCommon Wealth delivers workshops in lots of settings, working with people from all backgrounds. We’ve worked extensively in schools and youth centres with young people, have trained professionals working with domestic abuse and worked with community groups of all ages from 4-80 years old. We also regularly speak at panel events and deliver workshops for artists – get in touch for more info:


We can create bespoke workshops on any theme and with any participants you think might be interested. Whilst working on Our Glass House we developed a workshop for survivors of domestic abuse called ‘All the things you ever wanted to say’ which was a three-day residential for women who have survived domestic abuse, and their children.

Common Wealth worked with Imayla, a Bristol based charity to facilitate a beautiful trip away to Devon, Imayla provided childcare and nature/art walks for the children and Common Wealth worked with the women to explore All the things you ever wanted to say. The first day we concentrated on all the things you wanted to say to yourself, the second day was all the things you would want to say to your ex-partner/partner and the third day looked at the all the things you would say to your future.

Feedback from participants:

“Leaving I feel empowered and more ready for life, doing things I never thought I would or never had the confidence to do”

“Faced some of my emotions and seen I’m not alone”

“I have had a lovely time, feel young again and ready to focus on my life, feel liberated”


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