CLASS: The Elephant in the Room


CLASS: The Elephant in the Room

We were fortunate to have a library on our estate, a place of sanctuary, somewhere for us to go, something we could do without money. It was these years that taught me how important culture is to communities like mine.

A performance/ debate that explores art and class.

It questions what are the possibilities for change in an industry that undervalues and distances itself from working class people, culturally, socially and economically?

The middle classes run the arts, they define value, they define excellence, they define what the next new thing is. Don’t they?

We ask what defines us and our ‘place’ and explores how the making of art with, for and by people who often feel underrepresented might be possible.

Using theatre, we ask if arts can offer ways of both engaging working class communities and generating different ways of seeing, knowing and acting.

First performed at Chapter Arts, Cardiff, 6th November 2017

Next performance: Theatre in the Mill, Bradford – Tuesday 26th June 2018, 11am – 1pm as part of Creative Margins, a research project initiated by AHRC, Manchester University, TATE Modern



Her cause is to inspire the will of working class people, owing them comfort in creative spaces. It’s a comfort we’re deprived of, she reminds us, as we’re left to ponder the following questions:

‘How do we provide pathways that give working class people an equal footing to those who already possess the right of passage?,
How do we challenge assumptions around the value of art, who it belongs to, and who gets to become an artist?,
The class system has everyone in their place, how do we disturb the notion of identity and role?,
We live in critical times – what action can we take to come together and make art?’

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