Who we are

A portrait photo of a woman with short, burgundy hair. She is wearing black glasses, a black leather jacket and a blue top. She is smiling.

Sherrall Morris

Sounding Board Member

From an early age, I have loved to make up and write stories, and truly believe that everyone has a story to tell. For many years, I have been involved with various community groups and organisations, assisting people of all ages and backgrounds to tell their own unique story and have their voices heard.

I have a passion for theatre and like to go and see as many performances as possible, especially from new and emerging writers. I attend various writing groups and run a story circle called Create Zone. I am also a performer and have written scripts for scratch nights and other various events, I love working with people on new ideas and watch the seeds of possibilities grow and flourish, so am very excited about being part of the Sounding Board.