I Belong There


I Belong There

The fighting starts, without humanity; the countdown begins; you say goodbye to the people you love, the place you call home. This is my story and I have to tell it.

‘I Belong There’ is a play about war, survival and hope. A one man show that delves deep into the heart of what it means to be Syrian living in the UK today. It invites us to think about what happens when a revolution starts and what can you do when the borders close.

Created and performed by Syrian Artist Oday Alkhalidi. Directed by Rhiannon White.

I Belong There was made with support from National Theatre Wales, Waleslab

It was performed at

Sherman Theatre 2015,

Solas Festival, Glasgow 2015

Being a Man Festival, Southbank Centre, London 2016

In 2016 Oday Alkhalidi was awarded a Change maker Award at the Southbank Centre.


‘I Belong There @ Wales Lab’

National Theatre Wales Community, January 9th 2016


Directed by Rhiannon White. I Belong There was supported by WalesLab, a National Theatre Wales’ artist development initiative.