The People’s Platform


The People’s Platform

The People’s Platform a performance based debate.
Staged in Merthyr, South Wales – The People’s Platform was a raw, honest and unapologetic sharing of local wisdom and personal stories. A unique and rare occasion where people and those that represent them sit side by side to discuss what’s going on for them – through theatre and conversation. A way for us to understand each other and what the future can hold for our place. At the heart of this discussion was the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015. A co-production supported by and created with Representing Communities, POSSIB and National Theatre Wales Team


an adventurous piece of immersive theatre where decision makers, politicians and local people will come together

‘The People’s Platform: knowledge exchange through theatre’, Representing Communities

We knew that by involving NTW team and Common Wealth it would be an excellent piece of art, and that was really important

‘The People’s Platform: blog’, Dr Ellie Byrne