A site-specific performance event staged in a car park, performed by 3 members of the Bradford Modified Club. Peaceophobia explores pride, freedom and adrenaline. Cars as a symbol of strength, skill and recovery. Part theatre show, part car rally, part celebration, Peaceophobia will address the hostility and misunderstanding surrounding Islam. If Islam, the word, is derived from peace, how can you have a fear of peace?

Co-created by Bradford Modified Club, Speakers Corner Collective and Common Wealth. Co-produced by Common Wealth and Fuel




Creative Team

Performers – Mohammad Ali Yunis, Casper Ahmed and Sohail Hussain

Writer – Zia Ahmed

Designer – Rosie Elnile

Sound Composer – Wojtek Rusin

Director – Evie Manning

Co-Creators – Iram Rehman, Sajidah Shabir, Rosema Nawaz, Mariyah Kayat, Madeyah Khan, Zara Zaheer and Maleehah Hussain


Peaceophobia is scheduled for October 2020, we will be listening and following guidelines carefully to see if we can continue as planned