Moving Roots


Moving Roots

Common Wealth is part of Moving Roots a collective of arts organisations, Battersea Arts Centre, Lyrici Arts, The Old Courts and Jumped Up Theatre, from across the UK (London, Medway, Cardiff, Wigan and Peterborough.)

Moving Roots will run from 2020 – 2o23 – we will work together in collaboration with the people of CF3 and artists to explore pioneering new ways to co-create, make, stage and tour live performance (across the UK). Across the three years, we will bring three live performances to East Cardiff staging them in found spaces.

There will be numerous opportunities to get involved from being part of the creative team, helping steer the project, stage management roles plus many other ways we are yet to discover.

We are currently looking for people from East Cardiff to sit on the project’s Sounding Board. Could you help us develop, shape and grow ideas for the co-created shows that will be coming to CF3? Find out how to take part on our Jobs page – your time will be reimbursed and together we can make something fabulous!

If you’d like to talk more about how you can get involved please get in touch with [email protected]

Definition of Co-Creation

Co-creation delegates leadership to participants and invites a wider range of voices, encouraging dialogue that continues beyond the immediate life of the project itself. It challenges hierarchies and gives people agency to shape the project, be the author of their stories, and make what they want to see in their hometown. The project works with artists as visionaries, skilled communicators and social provocateurs.



Moving Roots Manifesto

  1. We will not use jargon, and make sure language and process is clear and de-mystyifed
  2. We will  be receptive to gifts
  3. The work will be artistically excellent
  4. We will not use jargon, and make sure language and process is clear and de-mystyifed
  5. “Not about us, without us”
  6. The project will encourage people to be more active in their own lives/ community
  7. The project will enable people to blow up old narratives & practice new ones
  8. Where possible, support the onward progression of people; take them beyond volunteering and give access to paid work
  9. Dig deeper
  10. The project will make people feel differently